Graduate Courses

First #ഀ= Course levelഀAST 40XഀഀAST 55XഀAstrophysicsഀ

Second  #ഀ= FieldഀAST 45XഀഀAST 56Xഀഀ
Third #ഀ= Depart CodeഀAST 46XഀഀAST 59Xഀഀ
ഀഀAST 49Xഀഀഀഀ


AST 403/ AST 203/ AST 203W

Experimental Techniques in Astronomy


AST 450

Stellar Atmospheres


AST 453

Introduction to Stellar Interiors and Stellar Atmospheres


AST 455

Astronomical Interferometry


AST 461

The Physics of Astrophysics I


AST 462

The Physics of Astrophysics II


AST 465

Observational Galactic Structure


AST 495

M.S. Research in Astrophysics


AST 551

Diffuse Matter in Space


AST 552

Galactic Dynamics


AST 553

Stellar Interiors


AST 554/ PHY 554

Cosmological Physics


AST 563

Seminar on Radio Astronomy


AST 564/ PHY 564

Seminar on High Energy Astrophysics


AST 591

Ph.D. Readings in Astrophysics


AST 593

Theoretical Astrophysics Seminar


AST 594

Observational Astronomy Seminar


AST 595

Ph.D. Research in Astrophysics


AST 595A

Ph.D. Research in Absentia


AST 899

Master's Dissertation


AST 985

Leave of Absence


AST 995

Continuation of Doctoral Enrollment


AST 999

Doctoral Dissertation


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