Selected Senior (B.S.) Theses  by Undergraduates in the subject of Medical/Biological Physics

  1. D. S. Rifkin,  The Localization of a Fluorescent Source in a Turbid Medium,  advisor - T. Foster, (Physics Senior Thesis, 1995). (winner of  Stoddard Prize, 1995).
  2. S. Chen,  Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy of Multicell Tumor Spheroids,   advisor - T. Foster, (Optics Senior Thesis, 1995). (winner of the Daniel Ward Healy, Jr. Memorial Award, 1995).
  3. William Marleau, Optical Spectroscopy in Highly Scattering System s, advisor - T. Foster,  1998. (Optics Senior Thesis, 1998).
  4. Alexis Spillman, "Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Scattering and Absorbing Media", advisor - T. Foster, 2000. (Optics Senior Thesis, 2000)
  5. Anne K. Sutherland, "Magnetic Resonance Angiography",  advisor - T. Foster, 1993. (Physics Senior Thesis, 1993). (winner of the Stoddard Prize, 1993).
  6. Erez Yaakobi, "The Theory of Magnetic Resonance Imaging", advisor - T. Foster, (Physics Senior Thesis, 1991).
Selected PhD Theses  at the University of Rochester in the subject of Medical Physics Advisor Foster, T. - Optical and photodynamic properties of the higher-lying states of rose bengal / by John Michael Larkin. AS38.663 .L37
Advisor Foster, T. ,Spectroscopy and characterization of turbid media within the diffusion and P3s approximations / by Edward L. Hull. AS38.663 .H84
Advisor  Foster, T. - Transport of oxygen and light in model tumor systems / by Michael G. Nichols. AS38.663 .N52 Advisor,  Knox, R. S./Bryant, R. G. - Magnetic resonance, optical, and mathematical methods applied to studies in the biological physics of tissues / by Thomas H. Foster. AS38.663 .F675