3-2  BA/MS Program in Physics with an Emphasis on Medical Physics


Faculty members who have have previously supervised, or have indicated interest in supervising both summer undergraduate research REU projects and BS/MS theses in the fields of Medical Physics,  Biological Physics or Biological/Medical Optics. Those with a * next to their name have confirmed their participation in the BA/MS Medical Physics Program,   For up to date Email and Phone Click here Find Email/Phone at UR.

Radiation Oncology 

  1. Michael C. Schell ( * Radiation Oncology)- Medical Physics -Radiation delivery to localized lesions in the brain (stereotactic radiosurgery and 3D planning) and the heart (intravascular brachytherapy). (585) 275-5261  michael_schell@urmc.rochester.edu
  2. Yan Yu - ( * Radiation Oncology) Medical Physics - 3D treatment planning and brachytherapy.Automatic real-time segmentation of transrectal ultrasound for intraoperative dosimetry of prostate brachytherapy
  3. Walter O'Dell ( * Radiation Oncology) heart motion modeling as well as MRI motion tracking  (585) 275-9996  wodell@rochester.edu
  4. Bruce Fenton (Radiation Oncology) Tumor Angiogenesis, Vascular Structure, Oxygenation, and Radiosensitivity  (585) 275-9996  bruce.fenton@rochester.edu
  5. Haisong Liu,  ( * Radiation Oncology)  585-273-2876  haisong_liu@urmc.rochester.edu
  6.  Sergio Ballester ( * Radiation Oncology) 585-275-8123 sergio_ballester@urmc.rochester.edu

Biological Physics
  1. Yongli Gao ( * Physics)- Biological Physics 
  2. Steve Teitel ( * Physics) Neural coding and spatial representation
  3. Tom Foster   (* Physics, Radiology, Optics) - Medical and Biological Physics, Medical Optics, Photodynamic Therapy
  4. Jianhui Zhong ( * Physics, Radiology) Medical and Biolgical Physics Development and medical application of magnetic resonance
  5. Robert Knox ( * Physics)- Biological Physics
  6. Esther M, Conwell  ( * Physics, Chemistry)- Biological Physics
  7. Lewis Rothberg  ( * Physics, Chemistry)- Biological Physics
Biophysics  and Radiology
  1. Ruola Ning (Radiology) Medical Physics, Three-dimensional medical imaging, including image processing and feature-detection techniques applied to clinical image acquisition modalities
  1.   David Goldfarb (Biology) biology and aging.
  1. Andrew  Berger  (Optics) - Medical Optics -diagnostic, spectroscopic analysis of tissue, blood samples, and living subjects
  2. James Zavislan,   (Optics) Optical Engineering, Biomedical Optical System
  Brain and Cognitive Science
  1. David Williams (BCS)Medical Optics - Color and Spatial Vision, Visual Optics, Retinal Imaging
  2. Alexander Pouget (BCS) Neuroscience -Neural coding and spatial representation
 Electical and Computer Engineering
  1. Kevin Parker ( * ECE) Medical Imaging
  2. Philippe Fauchet (ECE) Optoelectronic and photonic materials and devices with particular emphasis on developing applications of novel technology for improving health care and reducing its cost
  3. Robert Waag (ECE) Biochemical Engineering, Fermentation, Biocatalysis, Bone Marrow Tissue Engineering, Molecular Biology


Biomedical Engineering,  
Mechanical Engineering , Chemical Engineering    ,    Biochemistry and Biophysics 
  1. Amy Lerner, ( * Biomedical Engineering)   Orthopaedic biomechanics; medical image based modeling of knee biomechanics; validation of MR image processing algorithms
  2. Sheryl M Gracewski, (Mech Engineering/BME)   Stone fragmentation during clinical lithotripsy; cavitation in response to ultrasound  pulse
  3. David J H  Wu  ( Chemical Engineering and Microbiology and Immunology )  Biochemical Engineering, Fermentation, Biocatalysis, Bone Marrow Tissue Engineering, Molecular Biology
  4. David  Mathews (Biochemistry and Biophysics ) Calculational RNA
  5. Tim  Machonkin ( Biochemistry and Biophysics )  Metalloenzyme Reverse-Engineering: Understanding Active Site Tuning by a Combined Directed Evolution/NMR Spectroscopy Approach

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