Curriculum Vitae


Pawel de Barbaro


Department of Physics and Astronomy

University of Rochester

Rochester, NY 14627-0171

Current address:

Fermilab, MS 318

Rochester Group

Box 500, Batavia, IL 60105, USA



Tel.:  (630) 840-5639

 Fax:  (630) 840-6485



 Birthdate:                       December 17, 1959

 Citizenship:                    Polish

 Permanent Residency:  USA




 1990                     Ph.D. Physics, University of Rochester

                              advisor: Arie Bodek

                              Thesis: Search for neutral heavy leptons from neutrino-nucleon interactions

                              at the FNAL Tevatron

1984                      M.S. Physics, Jagellonian University, Krakow, Poland

                              advisor: K. Rybicki

                              Thesis: Comparison of proton-nucleus interactions

                              with non-annihilation interactions of antiproton-nucleus at 120 GeV/c




 1995--             Senior  Research Associate, Physics Department, University of Rochester

 1990-- 1994    Research Associate, Physics Department, University of Rochester


Honors and Awards:


1990-1991 SSC Postdoctoral Fellow,

                 Texas National Research Laboratory Commission for reseach and developmen of the tile/fiber readout

                  technique  for  sampling calorimeters


2000-2003              Chairman, US-CMS HCAL Institutional Board

2002-present        US CMS Installation and Commissioning Co-ordinator, stationed at CERN


 Professional Activities:


 Member, American Physical Society since 1987


 Active member of CMS experiment at CERN and  CDF and CCFR/NuTeV experiments at FNAL


 Level 3 Manager for CMS HCAL Optics production


Responsible for the design of optical readout system for the CMS Hadron Barrel Calorimeter


Corresponding author for NIM article summarizing CMS HCAL test beam results


Member of the CDF internal review committee for inner tracker upgrade,  1998