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 Physics Department:   Graduate Research Seminars  Spring 2010
Arie Bodek
Updated   Feb 5 ,  2010

  Spring 2010

GraduSeminars are Fridays, 12:00-1:00 pm, room BL375

             Jan 29 , 2010   Eldred Chimowitz   Chemical Engineering  Enhanced Thermal Transport Near the Critical Point

Abstract: Given the need to use energy more cost effectively, as well as reduce environmental emissions linked to conventional fossil fuel based processes, the current U.S. Administration has identified the efficient use of energy resources as one of its top scientific/engineering priorities. The U.S. electricity sector, for example, accounts for about 34 % of the fossil fuels consumed in the U.S. and about 40 % of U.S. CO2 emissions. Our research focuses on questions related to exploiting the unique attributes of near-critical fluid mixtures as thermal transport media in advanced heat recovery processes. The two projects will also provide theory/computational and experimental opportunities for two graduate students. This will include the prospect of spending a year abroad, on the computational project, under the supervision of Professor Pierre Carlés at the Universitat de Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, France 7 , with whom the PI has established a good working relationship. Professor Carlés is a leading scientist in this area and the PI this past summer made a planning visit to his laboratory which resulted in the PI‚s most recent doctoral student from Physics (Dr. Chia-Ling Chen) -who was co-supervised by Prof. Shapir of the physics dept.-being offered a post-doc position in Dr. Carlés‚ group starting fall 2009). (there is an opening for one PhD graduate student in this group).

             Feb 5 , 2010   Teaching Seminar:  Steven Bloch, University of Rochester
Construction and structure of teaching a summer course. (Difference in preparing for a TA led workshop and preparing to teach a course).

           Feb 12 , 2010    Edward Thorndike,  Charm Physics at BES3.  (Thorndike's group has openings for new students).
           Feb. 19, 2010    Cynthia Ebinger,  EES  "Earthquakes as recorders of molten rock movement through Earth's plate"
           Feb 26 , 2010    Regina Demina,  Physics at the LHC  (Grad recruiting weekend) -
has positions for 1 or 2 students ;
           March 5 , 2010   John Howell
(has one opening)
           March 12  , 2010  No seminar Spring break

          March 19 , 2010   Doug Turner, Predicting RNA Structure."
Abstract: RNA molecules have many biological functions that depend on 3D structure.  In principle, physics based models should be able to predict the 3D structure of RNA.  There are gaps, however, in our understanding of the important intermolecular interactions and how to approximate them.  Our research is using quantum mechanics along with molecular mechanics simulations and nuclear magnetic resonance experiments to improve the understanding and approximation of molecular interactions in RNA.  The theoretical work is being done in collaboration with Harry Stern in Chemistry and Dave Mathews in Biochemistry and Biophysics.  (there is one opening for PhD reserach in Turner's group)

March 26, 2010: 12:00-12:30 pm BL208  pmTeaching Seminar  ( followed by Research Seminar at 12:30 pm in BL375)
 Arie Bodek     TA/TI Mid-semester Evaluation Meeeting

TA's and Tis will have an opportunity to look over the Mid-semester evaluations, read the feedback from students and apply any suggestions, etc. to help them become better leaders. It is expected for all TA's and TI's to attend.

March 26 , 2010  12:30-1.00    Chunlei  Guo,  Institute of Optics,   Femtosecond laser-matter interactions
What would happen if one gathered all the energy transmitting on the power grid of the entire North America and force it running through a tiny area of the size of a needle point? The answers may lie behind some equivalent problems in studying high-intensity femtosecond laser-matter interactions. In this lab, a number of research directions are currently available for PhD student thesis research. These include studying how molecules break apart in laser light, how to excite strong waves on a solid surface, and how to transform a shiny piece of metal pitch black.
Guo group research website: (Guo's  group is recruiting students)

       April 2 , 2010        Prof. D. Meyerhofer  (Physics and LLE)  "Research Opportunities at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics"

       April 9 , 2010      
Prof. Ha Youn Lee  Dept. of Biostat Computational Biology, University of Rochester
Talk Title:  Tracking HIV/SIV evolution within host using single genome amplification and ultradeep pyrosequencing    
(has openings)

       April 16, 2010    Prof. Stephen Teitel Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, University of Rochester
Talk Title:  Granular materials and the jamming transition
Granular materials, such as powders, seeds, grains, sand, rocks, etc., are ubiquitous both in nature and in industrial processes. They pose both challenging fundamental scientific questions, as well as problems of considerable technological importance. True granular materials are usually thought of as athermal systems; grain sizes are large enough that thermal fluctuations are irrelevant. Yet as the volume fraction of the grains increases, the system is observed to undergo a "jamming transition" from a flowing liquid-like state to a rigid but disordered solid.  The amorphous structures found in dense granular materials have led to close analogies with behavior in supercooled glass forming liquids and coloids. Understanding the behavior of granular materials may thus lead to a greater understanding of behavior in thermal glassy systems.  In this talk we will discuss simple models of granular materials, discussing their behavior under  applied uniform compression and uniform shear, to introduce the notions of random close packing and the jamming transition.  Analogies to ordinary equilibrium phase transitions will be made to develop a scaling theory of granular materials undergoing steady sheared flow.  Numerical simulations are used to test this scaling theory and the good agreement found suggests that jamming is indeed an example of a critical phenomena.
(has  an opening in his research group)

       April 23, 2010      Prof. Ruola Ning and Dr. Weixing Cai,
Department of Imaging Sciences, Radiation Oncology, Oncology (URMC) and Biomedical Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Rochester, New York
Title: Cone Beam CT Imaging
 This presentation gives a quick introduction of research projects currently conducted at the Cone Beam CT Imaging Lab at the Department of Imaging Sciences, University of Rochester Medical Center. We are now open to new PhD students in physics. The presentation includes the basic principle of cone beam CT (CBCT) imaging technique as well as several applications of CBCT imaging systems, including CBCT angiography, high-resolution 3D small animal imaging and cone beam breast CT. Besides the conventional absorption-based imaging techniques, phase-contrast cone beam CT is included as well.  (Lab has openings for PhD graduate students).   Dr. Weixing Cai received a PhD in our department on research in this lab in Sept. 09.

Faculty who replied with possible positions for summer 2010 and Fall/Spring 2010

About 12-14 possible positions and up to  24 under most optimistic scenario in which all proposals are funded)

Y.  Gao - Exp Condensed Matter (Received  NSF grant April 2010 and has opening for students)
Chunlei  Guo Professor of Optics,   Femtosecond laser-matter interactions (has two positions, will give a short seminar March 26, 10)
ldred Chimowitz /Shapir - Chemical Physics  (one position,  Seminar  Jan 29, 10)
Ed Thorndike  paticle physics (one position)  Seminar Feb. 12, 10
Cynthia Ebinger - Earth and Environment Science (may have a position,  seminar  Feb. 19, 10).
Regina Demina - Particle Physics  (one or two positions) Seminar   Feb. 26, 10
J. Howell - Quantum Optics (one postion)  Seminar March 5, 10
D. Turner (Dept of Chemistry)   Predicting RNA Structure ( has one position)  Seminar March 19, 10
R. Betti  - Plasma Physics (positions at LLE)  seminar April 2, 10
D. Meyerhofer  Plasma Physics (exp/LLE) (2-3 positions in experimental plasma physics at LLE)
Ha Youn Lee  - Medical Physics (1 position, talking to one student)   seminar April 9, 10
Steve Teitel  - Condensed Matter theory (1 position,  Seminar, April 16, 10)
Ruola Ning - Medical Physics   (1 postion, Seminar April 23, 10)
L. Novotny exp quantum optics  (already taking one of the students, name identified )
K. McFarland  - Exp particle/neutirno physics (has positions)
Aran Garcia Bellido - Particle Physics/CMS one position (can give a seminar)
Jianhui Zhong  - Medical Physics,  possible one position (waiting for funding decision) - students should contact him.
Carlos Stroud (quantun optics) (at most one student)
Hanan Dery - Condensed Matter Theory  (full but one possible position for excellent  student, could  give a seminar)
U. Schroder - Nuclear Physics  (full, but may have position later in AY10/11) (could give a seminar).
C. Ren - Plasma Physics - Theory  (full but one possible for excellent student , could give a  seminar)
S. Manly  Exp particle/neutrino physics   (talking to one student, may have a position, no seminar)
David Mathews  - possible one position (waiting for funding decision)
F. Wolfs - Exp. Dark Matter -(may have one position if NSF proposal is funded).
G. Agrawal (Optics) (full, but may have a position if a new NSF grant is funded)
D. Watson - Astrophysics (possibly one position, more likely to wait till a year from now)
Bill Forrest (Astrophysics) - (possible one position if Grants are funded, could give a seminar)
S. Rajeev  Particle theory (one opening, already talking to a couple of students)
E. Brown - medical physics , (annot be sure for now,  will only know in a few months about funding)
A. Badolato - exp condensed matter  (has one year student, and two 2nd year students expressed interest)

W. Knox (Optics) (full, but will talk to students and direct them towards faculty in optics who have openings)

For additional faculty who were not contacted yet (from  Cross Disciplinary Web page)

Stephen Craxton - Senior Scientist LLE Plasma Physics, Lasers and fusion (supervised several physics PhD students in the past)
William R. Donaldson, Senior Scientist , LLE   Optical Physics and Lasers  (supervised several physics PhD students in the past)
James M. Farrar,  Professor of Chemistry, - Chemical Physics  (supervised physics PhD students in the past , but not recently)
James Fienup, Professor of Optics,  Image Processing, Wave  Front Sensing (did not have physics students in the past)
Chunlei  Guo Professor of Optics,   Femtosecond laser-matter interactions (supervised one physics PhD student in the past)
Jim Knauer,  Senior Scientist, LLE  Plasma Physics and Fusion 
(supervised several physics PhD students in the past)
Todd Kraus, Professor of Chemistry,   Spectroscopy of nanometer scale materials (supervised several physics PhD students in the past)
Misha Ovchinnikov,  Prof, of Chemistry  Quantum molecular dynamics
(supervised  physics PhD students in the past)
Wolf Seka, Prof of Optics and Senior Scientist, LLE  optical physics and lasers (supervised several physics PhD students in the past)
Gary Wicks, Professor of Optics,
Material Science, Condensed Matter Physics, Nano-materials (supervised several physics PhD students in the past)
Alexandre Pouget, Prof. of BCS, 
Biological Physics,cortical mechanisms of motion and form perception; visual memory 
(supervised one physics PhD student in the past)
John Marciante, Professor of Optics and Senior Scientist LLE,  Laser, waveguide and fiber optics (supervised physics PhD students in the past)

Waiting to hear from
Ben Miller - medical physics , 
(supervised  physics PhD students in the past)
P. Fauchet  - exp Condensed matter physics   (supervised  physics PhD students in the past)

Thomas B. Jones,  Prof. of Electrical Engineering, High-speed microactuation of liquid for the laboratory on a chip (did not have physics students in the past)
David Wiliams, Professor of Optics- Biological Optics (did not have physics students in the past)
David Wu, Prof. of Chemical Engineering,  Biological and Medical Physics
(did not have physics students in the past)
Hong  Yang, Prof of Chemical Engineering, nanoparicles
(did not have physics students in the past)
Matthew Yaters, Prof. of Chemical Engineering,  Colloids and Interfaces
(did not have physics students in the past)
es Zavislan,  Prof. of Optics, Biomedical Optics. (did not have physics students in the past)
Duncan Moore,  Professor of Optics, Optical engineering  (did not have physics students in the past)
Chen, Shaw-Horn,  Professor of Chemical Engineering - Chemical Physics (did not have physics students in the past)
Jacob Jorne Professor of Chemical Engineering - Chemical Physics  (did not have physics students in the past)
Thomas Hsiang, Professor of ECE,  Optoelectronics, superconductivity, ultrafest phenomena (did not have physics students in the past)
Robert Waag, Prof. of Electrical Engineering,  bio-ultrasound; tissue characterization; nondestructive testing (did not have physics students in the past)

Faculty who will only have positions in fall 2011

John Tarduno (EES) (full now, may have a position  for Fall 2011).
E. Mamajek  (Astrophysics) (full now, but may have a position in Fall 2011 and may give a seminar next spring)
Walter O'Dell  (Medical Physics) -   (seminar in Spring 2011 will have new funding for students at that time)
Adam Frank   Astro/Plasma Physics (no openings for new students, but maybe in 2011 - will give a seminar),
A. Bodek (probably no positions for now, will likely to have positions in Fall 2011).
R. Sobolewski   exp condensed matter  (full now, will be on sabbatical, probably will have positions for Fall 2011)

Faculty who  were contacted and are not likely to have positions for graduate students in physics in summer 2010

R. Boyd - Optics  (probably no positions)
A. Berger  - Optics (no opening now but could give a seminar)
Andrew Jordan - Condensed Matterr Theory (but  could give a seminar)
Nick Bigelow - Quantum Optics  (but  could  give a semianr)
L. Orr  - Particle theory - no openings at this time
Quillen Astrophysics (no openings for new students), 
Kevin Parker - Medical Physics  (no openings for new students)
E. Blackman  Astrophysics  (full, no openings)
J. Eberly   - Quantum Optics Theory (full, no openings)
John Thomas  - Astrophysics (no positions now or in future)
A. Das - Particle Physics Theory  (full no positions now)
Ching Tang  - Chemical physics (full , no positions at this time)
Nicholas Kuzma  Medical Physics  (full, no positions at this time)
M. Alonso  - Optics (full, no positions at this time)
L. Rothberg -  Chemical and Biological  Physics (full, no positions this year and possibly no positions next year)
T. Foster  - Biological Physics (no positions at this time)
Mark Bocko - Electrical Engineering  (no positions at this time)
D. Cline - nuclear physics (does not take gradaute students any more)
E. Wolf  Optics ( probably does not take garduate students any more)