Support and Fellowships for Graduate Studies

The Department offers competitive stipends for Teaching and Research Assistants. In addition, we also have special fellowships that provide supplements to the normal stipends. These fellowships are:
Department of Education GAANN Awards (Awarded by the Department of Physics and Astronomy)
Sproull Fellowships
(Awarded by the University of Rochester)
Provost and University Fellowships
(Awarded by the University of Rochester)
Marshak Fellowships  (Awarded by the Department of Physics and Astronomy)
Frank J. Horton Graduate Research Fellowships
(Awarded by the Laboratory for Laser Energetics)
Agnes M. and George Messersmith Fellowships (Awarded by the University of Rochester)
Kodak Fellowships (Awarded by Eastman Kodak)
NSF Graduate Fellowships (Awarded by National Science Foundation)
Students who apply for admission to the Graduate Program are considered automatically for all the (remove) Department and University above (remove)  fellowships, and can receive one or more of them, depending on eligibility. Recommendations for awards are made by the Graduate Admissions Committee.
In the Fall of 2007, the average annual compensation available to entering graduate students (including fellowships and support for research, if affiliated with a research group during the summer months) is expected to be $24,680.
All students, irrespective of the sources and sizes of their stipends, have teaching or research responsibilities that are intended to provide experience and preparation for their careers. Further details may be found here.
Details on current support rates for matriculated students are available on the Department's internal pages, here.
For information on applying to our graduate program, go here.
Go to Graduate Programs page.

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