Special Programs

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)
The Department strongly encourages and facilitates undergraduate involvment in its research programs. The REU Program, funded by the National Science Foundation, offers stipends for undergraduate research during a 10 week period each summer. Both University of Rochester and external students may apply. For further details, go here. Other opportunites for undergraduate research may be found at the College's Office of Undergraduate Research. Reports on undergraduate research projects may be found in the University's Journal of Undergraduate Research.
Research Experience for High School Teachers  (RET)

The RET Program, funded by the National Science Foundation, which is part of the Depatment's  REU/RET  grant,  offers stipends for  research  by High School Teachers each summer.  For further details, go here
Rochester Symposium for Undergraduate Physics Students (RSPS)
The Department hosts the annual RSPS, a Northeast regional conference on undergraduate research. For further details, go here.
Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)
This program is directed towards furthering the participation of women in all scientific and engineering disciplines at the University, at all levels, through the creation of a supportive climate, the development of new courses, and the fostering of conversation across the scientific and humanities disciplines. For further details, go here.
Teaching Internship Program
The Department offers an internship program for undergraduate science majors designed to provide training in classroom teaching and in the use of computer-related technology for instruction. For further details, go here.
Certificate of College Teaching in Physics and Astronomy
The Department offers a teacher training program for graduate students which culminates in their teaching a full course during the University's summer session. A certificate of college teaching is awarded upon completion of the program. For further details, go here.
TA Training in Science and Engineering Program
The Department has a formal program of training for all its graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants. For further details, go here.
3/2 Bachelor's/Master's Program
The Department offers a 3/2 Bachelor's/Master's program for UR undergradutes, which allows qualified undergraduates to receive both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree within five years of study. UR students seeking admission to the 3/2 program should apply during the Spring of their junior year. For further information, go here. A special 3/2 program with an emphasis on medical physics is available. For further details, go hereNote: UR Students in their senior your should apply to the Professional MS Program instead.
Professional MS Degree Program in Physics (with individualized course plan  selected from Physics, Applied Physics and Engineering)

The Department of Physics & Astronomy invites applications for the one year  Professional MS Program (with individualized course plan selected from Physics, Applied Physics and Engineering).  Admission to the Graduate Program is by competitive application only.  For information on how to submit an application to the graduate program, go here.
Early Admission to the Graduate Program
The Department encourages especially qualified UR undergraduates to consider applying for early admission to the Department's graduate program in the early spring of their junior year. For further information, go here.
M.D./Ph.D. Program
The Department participates with the School of Medicine and Dentistry in a joint graduate program leading to the M.D. degree and the Ph.D. degree in Physics. For an overview of the M.D./Ph.D. program and information on the application process, go here. For more detail on the Physics requirements of the program, go here.
Cross-Disciplinary Physics Program
The Cross-Disciplinary Physics Program allows students in the Department of Physics and Astronomy to pursue physics related research under the direction of participating faculty members from other departments at the University. For further details, go here.
Eduacational Outreach Programs
The Pre-College Experience in Physics (PREP): To Encourage the Participation of Women in Science - A summer program for selected 9th and 10th grade high school students in the Rochester area, PREP offers an introduction to physics through a sequence of “hands-on”, inquiry-driven laboratory activities with experienced instructors. Tours of University research facilities and presentations by researchers give PREP students exposure to a range of science and technology careers. For further details, go here.
The Department offers free tours of the University's C.E.K. Mees Astronomical Observatory during the summer months of June, July, and August. An informative slide presentation is followed by the viewing of astronomical objects through the telescope. For further details, go here.
The Astroflow program is an integrated software environment which allows users to simulate and visulaize their own astrophysical fluid experiments. Designed for classroom, planetaria and web-based applications, users can create their own supernovae, hypersonic jets and planetary nebulae. This project is ongoing and is funded via the NSF and NASA. For further details, go here.
The Department hosts the PARTICLE (Physicists and Rochester Teachers Inventing Classroom Experiments) program, which is designed to engage high school students and teachers in forefront research that probes the basic mysteries of the structure of matter and fundamental forces of nature. For further details, go here.
The Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) Summer High School Research Program provides a limited number of local high school students entering their senior year the opportunity to experience research in science and technology. The program, run by the University's Laboratory for Laser Energetics, is partially supported by the National Science Foundation. For further details, go here.

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