You must have registered for a workshop section. Workshops are an integral part of the course. You will meet once per week, for two hours, with a group of up to ten other students plus a leader. The basic idea of the workshop concept is to institutionalize the study group with the addition of some leadership and supervision. At the workshop sessions, students will work through sample questions and conceptual exercises designed to elucidate the material taught in class. The purpose of the workshop leader is to facilitate the discussions rather than lecture or provide answers. Attendance of workshop sections is required since it is an essential part of this course. Workshops will commence the week of January 21.

Personal Response System:

The Personal Response System will not be used due to technical problems encountered in prior years.


Laboratory work is required for P114 and you must have registered for the Physics 114 laboratory course. You MUST perform the experiments and hand in a satisfactory lab reports to pass the course. Laboratory work comprises five 3-hour laboratory experiments scheduled every other week in B&L 268. Please refer to the web address for information, laboratory experiment manuals, and for signing up for laboratory sessions. Contact Professor Bodek of the Lab teaching assistant for all matters pertaining to the P114 laboratory course.