Class textbook: Douglas Giancoli, "Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics " 4th edition, Vols 2 and 3, (2006), Prentice-Hall. This text has been chosen for continuity with P113.

Library reserve: In addition to the class text the following other books are on reserve in the Physics Library.

[1] "University Physics Volume 2 and 3" by Young and Freedman. Volumes 2 and 3 are required for P114. This excellent textbook has been used as the P114 text in prior years.

[2] "Physics for Scientists and Engineers 4 Edition" by Tipler. This is an excellent book that is biased more towards the physical scientists. It covers the material at the mathematical level that best matches the lectures

[3] "General Physics" (second edition) by Sternheim and Kane published by Wiley. This book focuses on life-science applications of the physics under discussion. However, the superficial discussion of some aspects will frustrate many students.

[4] "The Mechanical Universe" by Olenick, Apostol and Goodstein, Cambridge. This book covers the required material at the correct mathematical level. It is biased towards the physicist and astrophysicist rather than the life scientist.

[5] "Physics" (Second edition) by Ohanian, Norton. This text covers the required material at a slightly higher mathematical level than required for P114; it is aimed at the physical scientist.

The P114 Lecture Notes, provided prior to each class, should be a valuable supplement to the textbook. The lectures will cover the material slightly differently than that given in the textbooks. Professor Cline believes that you will understand the material better by presenting it from a slightly different perspective than that presented in the book. It is recommended that you study the book in parallel with the lecture notes distributed in class.