Weekly problem assignments will be assigned to elucidate the material covered in lectures and teach you the skills to solve problems. It is crucial that you solve the homework since learning the skills to solve problems is the key to doing well on the examinations. Homework must be handed in to the P142 locker (at the bottom of the main stair case om the first floor) prior to the published deadline. No grade will be given for homework handed in after the solutions are posted.

Reading assignments will be given prior to each lecture, usually out of Ohanian.The knowledge gained from this pre-lecture reading should enable you to extract more from each lecture. Reading Ohanian, or other textbooks, in parallel with class notes is important. It is crucial that students keep up with the material since each lecture is based on understanding material presented in prior lectures.

Two 75 minute term examinations will be given during class time on Tuesday 17 October and Monday 20 November. The final examination will be given Thursday 21 December at 0830-1130 hrs.

Term paper:
A term paper will be assigned on some application of electromagnetism to a topic not covered in lectures. Due Wednesday December 13.