The goals of P142 are the following:

1) Introduce you to the fundamentals of electricity and magnetism.
2) Teach the skills needed to efficiently exploit all available resources to learn and understand a logical science
3) Develop your abilities and confidence in solving analytical problems.
4) Develop your repertoire of analytical skills that will benefit you in future science courses.

The parallel introductory electricity and magnetism courses, P122 and P142 teach the same material but at slightly different mathematical levels. The P142 course is designed for the better prepared student, independent of their major. It is taught at a slightly more advanced mathematical level and the class size is small for better student-faculty interaction. It will be assumed that you have taken a calculus based mechanics course at high school or college and a minimum grade of at least B is recommended for attending P142. Professor Cline will be happy to approve your transfer to P122 if you are having difficulties with P142. There is no stigma attached to taking P122 in place of P142 if your department approves.