The final grade will be based on the following percentages
Class tests
Class/Workshop participation
Term paper
Final Exam

No marks will be given for Homework handed in late. A passing grade in the P142 laboratory course is required in order to pass the P142 course.

Statistics show that there is a one-to-one correspondence between course grade and attendance of classes and workshops. The goal of this course is to ensure that you fully understand the material and also get the highest course grade. In order to encourage you to achieve this goal, attendance at both classes and workshops is required, will be recorded, and thus will influence your grade explicitly as well as implicitly.

Normally, make-up exams will be given only for cases documented by medical certification. Such exams may be orals. It is well known that active participation in class and workshop sessions is strongly correlated to the final course grade. Thus marks will be awarded for class and workshop participation in order to encourage your participation and consequently ensure you obtain a good course grade.

The instructors will assign final letter grades based on the absolute total number grade, rather than using only a grading curve. This is to ensure that your grade fairly reflects your performance, and is not unfairly impacted by the fact that better prepared students usually are attracted to P142. Thus in principle, you all could get high grades. Your grade record will be sent to you regularly by email. You are responsible for checking that your record is correct and for informing Professor Cline of errors.