Workshops are an integral part of the course. You will meet once per week, for two hours, with a group of up to ten other students plus a leader. The basic idea of the workshop concept is to institutionalize the study group with the addition of some leadership and supervision. At the workshop sessions, students will work through sample questions and conceptual exercises designed to elucidate the material taught in class. The purpose of the workshop leader is to facilitate the discussions rather than lecture or provide answers. Attendance of workshop sections is required since it is an essential part of this course. Four workshop sections will be scheduled as follows:

B&L 208
B&L 208
B&L 270
B&L 208

Please sign up for a workshop section at Section size is limited to 10 per section. Workshops will commence the week of September 11.


Every registered student in P142 must meet with me for up to 30 minutes between October 19 and October 27. The purpose is to discuss the present status of your performance in P142, possibly have a post mortem on your test #1 performance, discuss any problems you have with the course or material, and to discuss your ideas of a topic for the term paper. The following link will connect you to the sign up web-page for the interviews: . If none of these times are available for you, then send me an email listing at least two 30 minute periods between 9am and 9pm Monday through Friday during the period 19-27 October 2006 when you will be available and I will select the most convenient time for me. My email address is


Laboratory work is required for P142 and you must sign up for the Physics 142 laboratory course. You MUST perform the experiments and hand in a satisfactory lab reports to pass the course. Laboratory work comprises five 3-hour laboratory experiments scheduled every other week in B&L 268. The Laboratory Lecture is scheduled for 8 September in Hoyt Auditorium, 3:30-5:00 pm. All students in P142 must attend this lecture if they have not heard this lecture in the past. Please refer to the web address for information, laboratory experiment manuals, and for signing up for laboratory sessions. Contact Professor McFarland for all matters pertaining to the P142 laboratory course.