I. Electrostatics
Coulomb's Law, the electric field, charge distributions, Gauss' flux theorem in integral form.

II. The Electrostatic Potential
Work and potential energy. Potential of various charge distributions. Electric field from the potential. Gauss' theorem.Conservative nature of potential.

III. Electric Field and Conductors
Conductor in an electrostatic field. Boundary conditions on electrostatic field. Potential and charges on conductors, capacitance. Energy stored in a capacitor.

IV. Electric Currents
Charge transports and current density. Continuity equation. Conduction mechanisms. Ohn's Law. Energy dissipation in current flow. Electromotive force. RC circuits.

V. The Magnetic Field
Force between two current carrying conductors. Law of Biot and Savart. Ampere's Law. Magnetic field from a simple configuration of currents. Force on a current in a magnetic field.
Torque on a current loop and the galvanometer.

VI. Electromagnetic Induction
Faraday's Law. Mutual and self inductance. Energy stored in the magnetic field. LRC circuits. The displacement current.

VII. AC Circuits
Application of electromagnetism to circuits with changing currents and electromagnetic fields.

VIII. Maxwell's Equations
Derivation of wave equation. Nature of electromagnetic waves. Propagation of Energy and the Poynting Theorem.

IX.Vector Differential Calculus
Divergence theorem, the curl of a vector field and Stokes theorem. Differential form of Maxwell's equations.

X. Electric Fields in Matter
Microscopic behavior. Polarization and electric displacement. Forces in and stored energy in a dielectric. Boundary condition at dielectric interface.

XI. Magnetic Fields in Matter
Para, dia, and ferromagnetism. Magnetic field H. Boundary conditions for B and H. Stored energy.

XII. Electromagnetic Waves
Applications of electromagnetic fields in dielectrics, conductors, ionized plasmas, and waveguides. Retarded potentials and antenna.

XIII. Special Relativity and the Unity of Electromagnetism
The interrelation and unity of electromagnetism with the theory of Special Relativity.