The P114 Workshop sessions will commence on Monday 11 September and run on a schedule that effectively starts on Mondday and ends the following Sunday. The following lists the schedule plus the status as of noon on Thursday 24 August. The workshop leaders are: Melanie Day and Mayukh Lahiri.

Section Name Time and Room

Enrolled 9/11/06

Workshop Leader


section01 Monday, 1400-1600hrs, B&L208  10 Melanie Day Open
section02 Tuesday, 1730-1930hrs, B&L375 9 Melanie Day Open
section03 Wednesday, 1730-1930hrs, B&L270  11 Mayukh Lahiri Open
section04 Thursday, 1730-1930hrs, Carlson Library Room 102 10 Melanie Day Open
Totals    40