JANUS Target Chamber
Douglas Cline, Robert Flight


The JANUS Target Chamber was designed at the University of Rochester specifically for the MSU-LLNL-Rochester JANUS detector system for use at the ReA3 reaccelerator facility at MSU. JANUS employs the MSU SeGA gamma-ray detector array plus the DSSD heavy-ion detector array, developed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, for performing recoil heavy-ion deexcitation gamma-ray coincidence experiments.

The JANUS Target Chamber is based on an 6.00 inch diameter aluminum vacuum tube with 0.064 wall thickness. This tube, which is coxial with the beam, has the maximum diameter allowed within the inner cavity of SeGA and the minimum mass in order to minimize degradation of the gamma-ray detection performance of the SeGA array. The DDSD heavy-ion detectors, the target assembly, and the beam collimator are supported by a cantilever from the upstream flange of the target chamber.

The JANUS Chamber Design Drawings were drawn using Solid Works. These can be viewed using the free SolidWorks viewer. In addition the drawings are available in DWG format and pdf format.