Nuclear Structure Facilities at Rochester
Rochester Target/Vacuum Laboratory
Rochester Detector Development Laboratory


Our group has excellent dedicated equipment at Rochester that it formerly used during the period when research centred at the 16 MV Tandem Van der Graaff accelerator facility at the former Nuclear Structure Research Laboratory. The group now has two newly renovated airconditioned laboratories in the new wing of the Physics Department Building, Bausch and Lomb.

The 452 sqft Detector Laboratory houses the CHICO detector test facility with vacuum pumps including electronics, data acquisition and analysis computer systems, Ge/BGO and NaI gamma detectors, LeCroy fast sampling and analog oscilloscopes, an electronics repair station, and an AUTOCAD design facility and a good stock of supplies needed for such work. The data analysis computer facility is a new two-dual-core 3GHZ Linux computer with 8 GB of memory plus 1 TB of RAID 5 disk space.

The 421 sqft Target/Vacuum Laboratory houses a fume hood for chemical and radioactive applications, a "Sputterbell" vacuum sputtering evaporator plus a general purpose evaporator for target making, a thin-foil stretcher plus coating facility, a Varian 979 Helium-Leak detector, and an extensive collection of vacuum components and enriched stable isotopes.