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The target area of the former Nuclear Structure Research Laboratory must be cleared by the end of December 2006 to allow for other uses of the building. The equipment in the target area is surplus and is available for free if you provide the technical help required to dismantle, remove, and ship the equipment. The Nuclear Structure Research Laboratory no longer has technical help to provide such services. The first choice fopr surplus equipment will be given to other nuclear physics facilities in North America who may need the equipment.

The accelerator was shut down in 1995 and the beam lines have been kept sealed since then so that they should be in good shape. However, the condition of the unused power supplies is not known; therefore they are available as is. Th e beam lines have been checked for radioactivity and found to be clean.

Four complete beam lines are available. They all comprise 4" OD stainless steel tube with all metal vacuum seals that use gold, lead or indium wire. Mechanically the beam lines are complete as when used including vacuum valves, micrometer 4-jaw adjustable slits, compressed-air driven Faraday cups, 2.5" ID bore quadrupole doublets, steering elements, and GE ion pumps. The moving elements all are bellows sealed. The beam lines operated at typical vacuum pressures around the 10^8 Torr range. The beam lines and focussing elements all are mounted on concrete of metal beam stands at the nominal approximate 6ft height typical of MP tandem facilities. There are insufficient quadrupole power supplies for all doublets and the condition of the ion pump supplies is unknown.

The original Recoil mass Spectrometer is complete with two quadrupole triplets, and electrostatic plus magnetic separators and associated power supplies, and two large cryopumps plus one ion pump. Two unused large aperture sextapole focussing elements also are available.

Beam line Length Quadrupoles Vac Ion pumps Gate valves +4jaw slits + FC Steerers
L4 43 ft 2 doublets 2 2 1 Elec, 1 mag
RMS line 26 ft 2 doublets 2 2 1 mag
RMS mass Spectrometer About 30 ft 2 triplets 2 2 2 Elec sep plus 1 magnet separator
0 degree line about 50 ft 2 doublets 2 2 2 Elec
Split-pole beam line 36 ft 2 doublets 2 2 2 Elec
Disclamiers: The Dept. of Physics & Astronomy nor the Univesity of Rochester is responsible for items damaged during shipping. Items given "as is, no warranty, no guarantee"

L4 pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

RMS pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13,

Sextupoe doublet 10 inch aperture; 1

4 inch aperture quadrupole: 1


One Scandatronix ESP90 Enge Split-pole Magnetic Spectrometer is available that is complete with turbo and ion vacuum pumps, sliding-seal target chamber, and camera box etc. However, the magnet power supply was given to the Yale Nuclear Structure Laboratory. The specifications claim the magnet mass is 30,000kg.

Enge Split pole pictures: 1,2


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Contact: Doug Cline by 17 November 2006 at the latest if you have any interest in any this equipment, after which he will start disposing of the equipment as scrap.

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