Tigress/Bambino Target Chamber
Douglas Cline, Robert Flight, Andrew Whitbeck

The Tigress/Bambino Target Chamber was designed and built at the University of Rochester specifically for the Bambino detector system developed by the Bambino collaboration based at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the University of Rochester . The chamber is based on an 8.00 inch diameter aluminum sphere with 0.064 wall thickness. This sphere has the maximum diameter allowed within the inner cavity of Tigress and minimum mass in order to minimize degradation of the gamma-ray detection performance of the Tigress array. The chamber design assumes that the Tigress mount has 180° symmetry. The entrance and exit ports to the chamber have the maximum inner diameter consistent with the geometry of the Tigress modules in order to minimize build up of activity from scattered radioactive ions inside the active volume of Tigress. The design allows for use of up to 14 Tigress detector modules at the closest distance. The beam inlet and outlet ports occupy two locations while another two locations are used for the target ladder and electrical feed through plus mount for the charged particle detectors. A detailed description and suggested operating procedures for using the chamber are available in the Target Chamber Manual. The Target Chamber Design Drawings were drawn using Solid Works. These can be viewed using the free SolidWorks viewer.