JudyFest photo gallery

These pictures were taken during Judy Pipher's "retirement" party, 5 July 2002, at the Gannett House, C.E.K. Mees Observatory, University of Rochester. The photographers were Dan Watson, Steve Solomon, Julie Kessler, Paula Turner, Dan Turner, and George Gull. Click on an image to enlarge it.

 Paula Turner, Kevin McFadden.
 Bryce and Jenn are engaged, you know.
 Judy Pipher demonstrates the use of her new SIRTF-data-reduction chair.
 Bob and Myrta Knox.
 Bob and Penny Benson.
 Bonnie and Adrienne Watson.
 Jo Helfer, Julie Kessler.
 Dan and Samantha Turner.
 Nathan Clark, Jessica Benjou, Brittany Morgenegg.
 Larry Helfer, moving the wine-tasting on to the Italian whites.
 Kris and Scott. That Scott, he's a really...
 ...cuddley guy.
 Gil Warren, Myrta Knox, Kurt Holmes, Barbara Warren.
 Paul Slattery and Jessica Benjou study for their wine-tasting exam.
 Marilee and Tom Montanaro.
 Rosemary Dow and Jo Helfer.
 Bonnie Watson and Jean Slattery.
 Terri Myers, Veronica Saumon and Shelley Stewart.
 Tom Allen, Brittany Morgenegg, Rob Gutermuth, Angela Lowell, and Ben Sargent.
 Jessica Benjou. No, they're not all for her...
 Meredith Watson and Natalie Newman.
 Lydia Myers.
 Samantha and Paula Turner.
 Steve Solomon, Paula Turner and Bill Forrest.
 Kurt Holmes and Dave Meisel.
 Judy Pipher, Marion and Harry Fulbright.
 Terry Herter, Larry Helfer, Tom Hayward, Jim Houck, Helene Schember.
 Rebecca Madson and Tom Allen.
 The party begins to spill off the porch.
 Holly Merrill, Alice Quillen and Adam Frank.
 In the circle, from left: Zoran Ninkov, Didier Saumon, Ann and Mark Shure, George Gull.
 Marie Ninkov, Sylvia and Steve Manly.
 Angela Lowell.
 Clockwise from top: Marion Fulbright, Jack and Lois Thomas, Liivi and Harry Gove, Myrta Knox.
 Dan Turner, Steve Solomon, Ann and Mark Shure, and James Garnett.
 Julie Kessler and Steve Solomon.
 Judy and Bob Pipher.
 Bill Forrest.
 Faculty generally have to put up with some kidding by their Ph.D. students.
 Mike Myers and Samantha Turner.
 Chick Woodward and Rosemary Dow.
 Bob and Judy again.
 Judy Pipher.
 The Pipher-Forrest group, past and present, assembles for a group photo.
 James Garnett, Didier Saumon and Chick Woodward.
 Dawn Peterson, Rich Sarkis, Rob Selkowicz, Rob Gutermuth, and Alexei Poludnenko.
 Drew Moore dissects a bivalve.
 Everybody into the lake.
 Lydia Myers, Adrienne and Meredith Watson.
 Veronica Saumon, on vacation.
 Dan, Samantha and Paula Turner.
 Terri Myers, Veronica Saumon and Shelley Stewart. Turn around, Terri...
 Thanks, that's better.
 Bill Forrest, Didier Saumon and Larry Helfer.
 Marty Montanaro and Josh Solomon.
 Steve Solomon and the Turner family.
 Julie Kessler and Steve Solomon.
 Judy and Bob Pipher.
 Dan and Natalie Newman.
 Dan and Natalie Newman.
 Bill Forrest and Adam Frank.
 Recently-declassified aerial photo of the party, taken from a polar-orbiting KH-12 surveillance satellite instructed to monitor Scott Libonate.
 Similar photo, also recently declassified, intercepted from Russian spy satellite telemetry. Note how much better the KH-12's pointing is, compared to that of its competition.
 Terry Herter, Chick Woodward, Helene Schember, Kurt Holmes, Marion Fulbright, Harry Fulbright, Carolyn Meisel, and Dave Meisel.
 Daniel Solomon.
 Clockwise from upper left: James Garnett, Terry Herter, Helene Schember, Mike Myers, and Paula Turner.
 Liisa Bloomer, Larry Helfer, Kevin McFadden, Barbara Warren, Jo Helfer, and Gil Warren.
 Liivi Gove, Penny and Bob Benson, and John Bloomer.
 Marilee and Tom Montanaro.
 Aerial view from a much closer satellite.
 Dan Turner.
 Marie and Zoran Ninkov, and Chick Woodward.
 Chick Woodward, Helene Schember and Terry Herter.
 Bob Pipher.
 Selmer Wong, and Terri and James Garnett.
 Judy Pipher imparts more wisdom to Angela Lowell and Jessica Benjou.
 The back porch.
 Dave Meisel (standing), Rob Selkowitz, Aaron Reichman, Dawn Peterson and Holly Merrill.
 Bob Benson, John Bloomer and Kevin McFadden.
The Solomon family: Josh, Daniel, Steve, Julie.
 Judy Pipher.
 Dan Watson reads messages sent by those who couldn't attend.
 Still reading...
 And Judy is all ears.
 Judy and Bob both listen attentively.
 Even more attentive listeners.
 Still more attentive listeners.
 Rob Selkowitz's personal protest against the breaking of Dan's "no speeches" promise.
 Penny Benson, Judy Pipher, Bob Pipher, John Bloomer, Larry Helfer, Jo Helfer, Kevin McFadden, Margaret Drennan, Katie Montanaro.
 Standing: Shelley Stewart, Mike and Terri Myers, Veronica Saumon, Rosemary Dow, Barbara Warren, Jian Wu. Seated: Selmer Wong, Terri Garnett, Didier Saumon, Debbie Shannon.
 Facing us, in back: Craig McMurtry, Judy Moore, Steve Solomon, Julie Kessler, Jack Thomas, Bill Forrest, Lois Thomas (behind the screen); in the foreground, Tom Hayward, Jim Houck, Elaine Houck.
 Almost the same, with Dawn Peterson, Nathan Clark, Chick Woodward and Dan Newman appearing on the left.
 Much of the crowd.
 The next speaker, Paul Slattery, probably wondering if Dan will ever finish.
 Few others seem to mind.
 In fact, they're rapt. Must be a different speaker.
 Angela Lowell, Paula Turner, Dawn Peterson, Nathan Clark, and Judy Moore; Chick Woodward and Tom Hayward in the foreground.
 Judy responds.
 Judy responds some more.
 Pipher-Forrest Group Portrait. Front row: Nat Cowen, Jessica Benjou, Paula Turner, Chick Woodward, Rich Sarkis, Dawn Peterson. Then: Margaret Drennan, Angela Lowell, Rebecca Madson, Rob Gutermuth, Osa Igbinosun, Scott Libonate, Judy Pipher, Bob Benson, Kevin McFadden, Jenn Goetz, John Bloomer, Aaron Reichman. In back: Tom Allen, Terry Herter, Bill Forrest, Mike Myers, Tom Hayward, Jian Wu, Drew Moore, Craig McMurtry, Nathan Clark, Zoran Ninkov, Mark Shure.
 Ditto. I have been asked to remind you that the dogs are Callie and Buck. This picture and the one above were taken by Julie Kessler.
 Same scene, shot by Dan Turner.
 And again, by George Gull.