Instructions for Exam #2

Read the following carefully and then click the link at the bottom to proceed to the exam. Good luck.

Important: don't open two WeBWorK windows or tabs at the same time while you're taking the test. It's safe to enter and leave a WeBWorK session (pushing the Grade button before leaving, of course), but it causes difficulties for the database for one certain kind of exam problem, if one is logged in twice.

The exam mode of WeBWorK, called Gateway/Quiz, has several differences from the homework mode. Instead of submitting each answer as you enter it, you submit all of the answers entered hitherto, every time you push the Grade button. You may push the Grade button no more than four times during the test. You may still look ahead, and work the problems in a different order than they are presented. When you first open the test, a timer appears that will count down your allotted 75 minutes. WeBWorK will start urging you to finish when there are 90 seconds to go. It will stop accepting answers either after you have pushed the Grade button four times, or after time has run out.

After starting a version of the test, you can either use the Print Test link on the test, or return to the WeBWorK starting page, and download a pdf copy for printing.

In the exam mode there is no Feedback button. However, you may still send email to the professor and TAs by using (for instance) the links on the course website's Contacts page, if problems arise on the test. Someone will reply as swiftly as they may. Note that, because this is a real test, we can only answer questions to clarify, not to help lead you to the answer, as we would in recitation or office hours.

As usual, enter your numerical answers with at least three-significant-figure precision, except for problems for which the answer is a wavelength, in which case you should use at least five-significant-figure precision. To use scientific notation, write your answer in the form xxE+yy. It is important that you use a capital E; answers with a lower case e will be evaluated differently.

Every time you push the Grade button, you will get an update of which problems you have answered, and the point total for that submission. WeBWorK will remember the best answer you submitted for each problem in your final total. If you submit an incorrect answer for a problem to which you haved previously submitted a correct answer, that problems points won't appear in that particular submission, but will appear in your final total.

The exam opens at 11:00 AM EST, Thursday, 5 November 2009, and closes at 7 PM EST that same day. After closing time, anybody may download a copy of their exam, checking the boxes for "Correct Answer", and get a PDF with his or her own solutions and the correct answers. Or, alternatively, anyone can view their exam within WeBWorK, check the "Show correct answers" and "Show Solutions" boxes, and push the Check Test button, which will add their solution and the correct answer to the online display.

Click here to proceed to WeBWorK and take the exam.