Here are some examples of scientific mistakes about relativity, black holes and cosmology, made in the mass media. We will view or review them and discuss them in recitation, using them as practice in the detection of  such mistakes. Tuesday Morning Quarterback, 20 October 2009 (Disney)
Gregg Easterbrook never tires of ridiculing attempts to measure 40-yard-dash times to 0.01 sec accuracy on the grounds that 0.01 sec is insignificant, but he thinks a black hole with a lifetime of 10-84 sec poses a grave threat to the planet.

Star Trek: Enterprise, 17 October 2001 (United Paramount Network)
Showers, with and without gravity.

Time bandits, 1981 (Paramount Studios)
Holes in the fabric of spacetime?

The black hole, 1979 (Disney)
The most massive black hole ever seen?
The black hole, 1979 (Disney)
The mother ship falls toward the black hole.
Star Trek: First Contact, 1996 (Paramount)
Temporal wakes?
Star Trek: First Contact, 1996 (Paramount)
Weightlessness and magnetism-assisted walking in outer space.

Star Trek: Generations, 1994 (Paramount)
Long-range influence of a collapsed star.

Star Trek: Generations, 1994 (Paramount)
Technobabble during the star's alleged collapse.
Star Trek IV: The voyage home, 1986 (Paramount)
Trying to do the time warp, whipping around the Sun.