Instructions for Practice Exam #2

Read the following carefully and then click the link at the bottom to proceed to the practice exam.

The exam mode of WeBWorK, called Gateway/Quiz, has several differences from the homework mode. Instead of submitting each answer as you enter it, you submit all of the answers entered hitherto, every time you push the Grade button. You may push the Grade button no more than four times during each practice test. You may still look ahead, and work the problems in a different order than they are presented. When you first open the test, a timer appears that will count down your allotted 75 minutes. After starting a version of the test, you can return to the WeBWorK starting page, and download a pdf copy for printing. WeBWorK will start urging you to finish when there are 90 seconds to go. It will stop accepting answers either after you have pushed the Grade button four times, or after time has run out.

UNLIKE  the real exam,

JUST LIKE the real exam,

The practice exam will be open until just before the review session on Monday, at which point everyone can create pdfs of their practice exams with the correct answers listed on them.

Click here to proceed to WeBWorK and take the practice exam.