Astronomy 106: the cosmic origins of life
University of Rochester, Fall semester 2015

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How the class fared: final grade, exam, homework and participation statistics. (15 December 2015)
Crop-yield increases, which we have achieved and counted upon since the Neolithic Revolution, have not been as large lately: the rate of increase has declined by 2.5% per decade because of global warming. That is to say, yields keep increasing, but not as fast, meaning that the population will reach the maximum that Earth can feed sooner than it otherwise might. (7 December 2015)
"Come back, Nukes! Most is forgiven!" A few climate scientists recommend strongly that we consider using our abundant nuclear energy sources, as we seek to keep atmospheric CO2 below 450 ppm. (5 December 2015) 
This is interesting, check it out: a calculator that tells you the effects of an asteroid impact, given the asteroid's size, density and velocity. See how large an asteroid can land in LA and knock buildings down in New York. Courtesy of Jay Melosh and friends. (24 November 2015)
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