Astronomy 111: the Solar system and its origin
University of Rochester, fall semester 2011



Animations by Robert Hurt, SSC.

Features of current interest (archive)

Dawn and Vesta Dawn enters its low-altitude mapping orbit around 4 Vesta, as you have considered on Midterm Exam 1, problem 5.  See, in particular, part c of that problem to find out why it took so long to get there from its high-altitude orbit. Meanwhile, APOD features some nice pictures of nearer-by pieces of Vesta. (12-13-2011)
Kepler 22b Kepler 22b, only 2.4 times larger in diameter than Earth, is confirmed clearly to lie within the habitable zone around its star, and the Kepler team adds 1094 new objects to its list of exoplanet candidates. (12-05-2011)
Habitable zone And, just in time for our week-long discussion of exoplanets, a front-page NY Times article on the hunt for planets lying in the habitable zones around their stars. (12-03-2011)
MSL launch Bon voyage to the Mars Science Laboratory and its rover, Curiosity. (11-26-2011)
exoplanets The number of known extrasolar planets passes 700. (11-23-2011)
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