When one is still at the observatory at 2 AM or later, one is obliged for safety's sake to sleep in the observers' quarters at the Gannett House before leaving the Observatory. Our department is responsible for maintaining the Gannett House in good shape, but we do not have a cleaning staff, and our Site Supervisor is too busy with the upkeep of grounds, buildings, dome and telescope to serve as such. Thus we (firmly!) request adherence to these Rules for the Use of the Gannett House.

  1. Inform the Site Supervisor, Kurt Holmes, whenever you think you will need to use the house. Kurt is around at Mees M-F, 8AM-4:30PM; be sure to say hello if you overlap at the telescope or house.
  2. Keep the Observatory gates closed and locked, unless more of your colleagues are arriving imminently. The gates should not be left unlocked all night.
  3. Learn how all the door locks work -- especially those on the big living room glass doors. All the doors must be locked when you leave.
  4. No smoking, and no fires at all, are permitted at any time in the Gannett House or within 25 yards of the building. Nothing is permitted that involves the striking of matches or the clicking of lighters. (This includes barbecues!)
  5. Moving of furniture in the rooms on the ground floor must be kept to a minimum, to avoid damage to the hardwood or vinyl-asbestos floors.
  6. The (new!) Ceran stovetop needs to be cleaned after each use, once it cools down. It will pit and get ruined very quickly if it is heated up with oily residues present.
  7. If you use any tables, wipe them clean when you're done, and use a soft cloth (not scrubbing pads!).
  8. If it's June-August, make sure you leave the downstairs bathrooms clean for use during the public Star Tours. Use the bathroom/shower upstairs instead.
  9. Do not use the blankets or other bedding outside the house. There are other options for ground cloths, should you want to have a picnic out on the lawn...
  10. Do not leave the house's thermostat set higher than 68 F.
  11. It would be greatly appreciated if you pack out what you pack in.
  12. Special Winter rule: If you want to stay over the weekend, you must, by Friday afternoon, have supplies sufficient to last in case you can't get downhill til the driveway can be plowed on Monday morning; you may not drive on the grounds (even to leave) if the driveway or roads are icy or deep in snow.

Violation of the rules may result in revokation of the privilege of using the Gannett House and Mees Observatory. The rules are subject to change without much notice.