Astronomy 142: elementary astrophysics
University of Rochester, spring semester 2013



Animations by Robert Hurt, SSC.

Features of current interest (archive)

Herschel reaches the end of its mission, as its liquid-helium reservoir is exhausted. Here are some of its "greatest-hit" images, including the "Loch im Himmel" shot from HOPS. (29 April 2013)
A new short-period, double-degenerate pulsar is found -- this time it's a white dwarf-neutron star system -- and general relativity passes another strong-gravity test. (25 April 2013)
For your Homework #10 and Practice Midterm #2 enjoyment: Ned Wright's Cosmology Calculator. (25 April 2013)
Adam Frank blogs about the widening gap between the results of different methods to determine H0, and decides not to rename the blog 13.8. (17 April 2013)
Do the two new ultralong (~hours) gamma-ray bursts signal the demise of  some of the first stars ever formed, supermassive Population III stars? (17 April 2013)
PBRs again: the aging astronomers of HOPS and the aging Herschel Space Observatory find particularly young protostars. (9 April 2013)
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