Joseph H. Eberly earned his Ph.D. in Physics at Stanford University in 1962, and in 1979 joined The Institute of Optics faculty. A member of the UR physics faculty since 1967, he is the Andrew Carnegie Professor of Physics and Professor of Optics. A Fellow of OSA and APS, Professor Eberly is the recipient of the Townes Award and the Smoluchowski Medal, has been selected for a Senior Humboldt Award and elected a Foreign Member of the Academy of Sciences of Poland. In 1995, with funding from the National Science Foundation, he founded the Rochester Theory Center (RTC), a research group focused on optical and quantum optical science with faculty from several UR departments.

Professor Eberly's research interests focus on: cavity QED; quantum information and control of non-classical entanglement; response of atoms to high-intensity optical pulses; coherent control theory of optical interactions, including soliton and adiabaton propagation. Professor Eberly and his research group predicted spontaneous revival effects in the wave function of a single atom in a cavity, and first identified the efficient counter-intuitive excitation method. These and related quantum phenomena are the subjects of theoretical and experimental study in Rochester and elsewhere.