Muhammed Yonac
Dr. Muhammed Yonac completed his PhD in physics at the University of Rochester in 2009, finished his postdoctoral research summer 2012, and is currently an assistant professor at the electrical engineering department of Zirve University which is in Gaziantep, Turkey. His interests lie on the boundary between quantum optics and quantum information/computation.

Clifford Chan
Dr. Cliff Chan is currently a research scientist at Rochester Optical Manufacturing Company. His research interests are in quantum imaging, quantum communications and 3D imaging. He serves as a referee for several research journals such as Physical Review Letters, Physical Review A and Optics Letters, and has been a member of the Optical Society of America since 2004.

Dave Clader
Dave Clader has recently left a computer modeling job with an industrial consulting firm in LA to join the Applied Physics Lab of Johns Hopkins and work on aspects of quantum communication theory.