Dr. Eberly, Dr. Jordan's, Dr. Stroud, Dr. Vamivakas, and Dr. Howell and groups at Letchworth State Park, summer of 2012.

Pictured, from left. First row: Ellie and Kristina Vamivakas, Justin Dressel, Meredith Stockman- and Roscoe Broadbent Yun Jin Choi, Xiao Feng Qian, Justin Tian, Areeya Chantasri. Second Row: Nick Vamivakas, Xu Wang, Joe Eberly, Curtis Broadbent, Clark Carrol, Benjamin Howell, John Howell, Shantanu Agarwal, Julian Martinez, Andrew Vigoren, Pat and Carlos Stroud.

Carlos and Joe in bocce ball competition.

Andrew and John in water balloon competition.

Yun-Jin and Xiao Feng watching Justin Tian and Xu on the third wicket.

Last year's group at the barbecue: Link