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on Star Names (WGSN)

WGSN is a Working Group of the IAU Division C: Education, Outreach and Heritage

The Terms of Reference for WGSN were approved by IAU Executive Committee at the EC98 meeting in May 2016.

IAU Catalog of Star Names (IAU-CSN)
(last updated 28 October 2017; Washington Double Star designations and component identifiers have been added for all stars, where relevant, and vetted by Commission G1 Binary and Multiple Star Systems)

Bulletin of the IAU Working Group on Star Names, No. 1 (July 2016)
Bulletin of the IAU Working Group on Star Names, No. 2 (October 2016)
The WGSN plans to write an article for the IAU CAPS journal before the IAU General Assembly in 2018 detailing the group's activities, and discussion on the etymologies of the new star names.

WGSN Membership:
Chair: Eric Mamajek (USA)
Beatriz Garcia (Argentina) [President, Comm. C1 Astronomy Education & Development]
Duane Hamacher (Australia) [Chair, Inter-Comm. C1-C4 WG Intangible Heritage]
Thierry Montmerle (France) [Chair, Exec. Comm. WG Public Naming of Planets & Planetary Satellites]
Jay Pasachoff (USA) [Organizing Committee Comm. C3 History of Astronomy; Chair, Inter-Div. C-E WG Solar Eclipses]
Ian Ridpath (UK) [Member, Division C Comm. C2 Communicating Astronomy with the Public, Comm. C3 History of Astronomy]
Xiaochun Sun (China) [President, Comm. C3 History of Astronomy]
Robert van Gent (Netherlands) [Member, Div. C Education, Outreach and Heritage]
Yunli Shi (China) [Working Group Associate]

Inquiries or input to the IAU WGSN can be sent to iauwgsn@gmail.com. Before emailing the WGSN, please review our Terms of Reference to familiarize yourself with the group's activities and focus (names of stars already in common use or cultural/historical names for stars and asterisms from the world's cultures). As per IAU policy, the WGSN does not sanction the selling or buying of star names, nor recognize star names that have been bought or sold.

Important: The WGSN is NOT accepting proposals for NEW names for stars at this time. The WGSN *is* interested in new compilations of cultural star names, especially from difficult-to-find literature. The WGSN's activities between now and the IAU General Assembly in 2018 are centered on compiling traditional/common and cultural star names, adopting unique IAU names for bright and astrophysically important stars that already had traditional/common names (standardizing names and spellings, see IAU-CSN catalog), and discussing guidelines for the *future* naming of stars (beyond 2018).

Inquiries or comments unrelated to the WGSN's Terms of Reference may go unanswered.