Howell Group Presentations

Quantifying the Technical Advantage of Weak Value Amplification - Center for Coherence and Quantum Optics, Rochester, 2014
Gerardo Viza
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Weak-Values Presentation - Chemistry Department, Rochester, 2014
Julián Martinez-Rincón
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Witnessing CV EPR Steering with Discrete Measurements - FIO, Orlando, 2013
James Schneeloch
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EPR-Steering Ineqaulities from Entropic Uncertainty Relations - CQI-QCV, Toronto, 2013
James Schneeloch
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Compressive Quantum Sensing
John Howell
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Using the "Rochester Cloak" for a Science Lab - BFY2 by AAPT, College Park, Maryland, 2015
The lab can range from beginning to advanced level, depending on how much students are asked to do and how good the background image should be. This self-contained presentation includes:
- Optics Tutorial: Geometric optics, ABCD matrix.
- Problem sets for students: ABCD matrix and paraxial cloaking.
- Lab suggestions, demonstration guidelines, research ideas.
- Lens specifications, thick lens calculations.
Joseph S. Choi
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