Colloquium Schedule - fall 2009/spring 2010

Department of Physics and Astronomy



Fall Semester


Wed., September 16, 2009

Speaker:  Marcelo Gleiser

Affiliation: Dartmouth college

Title: The Chirality of Life: From Phase Transitions to Astrobiology


Wed., September 30, 2009

Speaker:  Dezhe Z. Jin

Affiliation: Penn State

Title: The Neural Dynamics of Song Syntax in Songbirds


Wed., October 7, 2009

Speaker:  Philippe Jacquod

Affiliation: University of Arizona

Title:  Mesoscopic physics in presence of superconductivity: What are the new rules of the game?


Wed., October 21, 2009

Speaker: Peter Milonni

Affiliation; Los Alamos National Laboratory and U. of Rochester

Title:  Electromagnetic Momenta and Forces in Dispersive Dielectric Media


Wed., November 4, 2009


Speaker: Joe Polchinski

Affiliation: UCSB

Title:  Gauge/Gravity Duality


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Speaker:   Markus Buttiker

Affiliation:  Univ. Geneva

Title: Quantum optics with electrons



Wed., November 18, 2009


Speaker:   Emil Wolf

Affiliation:  Univ. of Rochester

Title: TBA


Wed., December 2, 2009

Speaker: Karyn LeHur

Affiliation: Yale University

Title: Spin in the Quantum Many-Body World:

Decoherence, Quantum Entropy, Strange Oscillations, and the Landau-Zener-Stückelberg-Majorana riddle



Spring semester


Wed., February 3, 2010


Speaker: Amitava Bhattacharjee

Affiliation: Univ. New Hamphshire

Title:      TBA (Plasma)


Wed., February 17, 2010


speaker: Sid Nagle

Affiliation: U. Chicago

Title:  TBA



Wed., March 03, 2010



Dexter Lecture

speaker: Capasso

title: TBA


Wed., March 31, 2010



speaker:  Bill McDonough (Univ. of Maryland)

Title:  Geoneutrino/Antineutrino detection:

an interdisciplinary experiment at the boundaries

of physics, astrophysics, geology and national security


Wed., March 24, 2010


Speaker: Rob Spekkens

Affiliation: Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Title:      TBA (quantum information)


Wed., April 7, 2010



speaker:  Rajan Gupta  (LANL)

Understanding Global Energy Systems



Wed., April 14, 2010



speaker:  Eric Blackman (U of R)

Helmet Protection against Traumatic Brain Injury:  A Physics Perspective


Wed., April 28, 2010


speaker: Chris Jarzynski

Title:  TBA