Workshop sections will vary due to different leaders and different students.  You may find yourself in one that you think moves too fast or too slow.  You may not be comfortable enough in the workshop to ask questions or speak up for a variety of reasons.   The leader's responsibility is to facilitate the learning in the workshop.   They should keep it moving, but only as everyone comes to understand how each problem is done.  Some students may be particularly swift or slow and face some frustration, or create frustration in others.  If you are particularly swift, try playing a leading role in explaining to others how you think your way through problems.   You may be surprised how much you learn in the process of teaching.  If you are particularly slow, consider looking over and thinking about the workshop problems before you arrive in workshop.  The module will be on the web in advance.  Also, take advantage of office hours and the SPS help room.  If you get a head start on thinking about the problems, you may get more out of the section and cause less frustration in your swifter classmates. 

If your workshop section does not work for you after some attempt on your part to adjust as described above, if appropriate, shop for a workshop section that fits your needs better.  The sections are listed on the class web page. Find one where you feel comfortable.

If you believe there is something wrong in the way your section is operating or you find fault in your leader or the workshop module problems, please come find me or email me and let me know.  I can't adjust anything if I don't know what is wrong.  If the problem is in your concept of the workshop, we can talk a bit about that so you will know what to expect.