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Current research group members:

Josh Hamblen (grad. student, heavy ion physics)

Eric Page (grad. student, gravitational physics and optics)

David Sher (REU student, electron scattering)

Jim Steinman (grad. student, neutrino and electron scattering)

Pete Walters (grad. student, heavy ion physics)

Group members who have moved on from Rochester:

Clifford Cheung (REU, grad school in physics at Harvard)

Jennifer Ellsworth (REU, grad school in engineering at MIT)

Adam Harrington (M.S., Rochester 2005, heavy ion physics)

Inkyu Park (research scientist, Rochester 1998-2004, heavy ion physics) - now on physics faculty of the University of Seoul in S. Korea

Group members while at Yale:

Charlie Baltay

Basem Barakat

Ming Liu (Ph.D., Yale, high energy physics - SLD) - now working with LANL PHENIX heavy ion physics group

Jeffery Snyder (Ph.D., Yale, high energy physics - SLD) - on faculty of Yale for many years in astronomy, moved on to

Peter Steinberg (Undergrad. research, Yale 1992, heavy ion physics - PHOBOS) - Ph.D. MIT - now on staff at BNL

Jeffery Turk (Ph.D., Yale, high energy physics - SLD)