LHC Theory Initiative 2009 Fellows Meeting

Thursday - Friday, October 29-30, 2009
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Everyone interested in LHC Theory is encouraged to attend.


Thursday October 29, 2009

1pm - 3:30pm, Room: 3NE

Time Speaker Topic Time alloted
1:00pm Chris Hill (FNAL) Inspirational Opening Talk 45'
1:45pm Frank Petriello (Wisconsin) Higher Order Corrections and BSM Physics 30'
2:15pm Harald Ita (UCLA) Summary of Research 35'
2:50pm Rob Putman (Illinois) Summary of Research 20'
3:10pm Cathy Bernaciak (Buffalo) Summary of Research 20'

3:30pm - 4pm, 3rd floor: Coffee break: Hornig poster, Thayer poster

4 - 6:30pm, Room: Curia II
Time Speaker Topic Time alloted
4:00pm Dan Green (FNAL) LHC Status Report 45'
4:45pm Jan Winter (FNAL) Monte Carlos 45'
5:30pm Neil Christensen (Wisconsin) FeynRules/CalcHEP Tutorial 60'

7pm, 2rd floor Art Gallery, Reception

Friday October 30, 2009

9am - 10:30 am, Room: 3NW
Time Speaker Topic Time alloted
9:00am Alexander Mitov (Stony Brook) Summary of Research 35'
9:35am Various Career Panel 55'

10:30am - 11am, 3rd floor: Coffee break

11am - 12:20 pm, Room: 3NW
Time Speaker Topic Time alloted
11:00am Duff Neill (Carnegie Mellon) Summary of Research 20'
11:20am Pavel Nadolsky (Southern Methodist) PDFs 60'

Jonathan Bagger (Johns Hopkins), bagger@jhu.edu
Ulrich Baur (Buffalo), baur@ubhex.physics.buffalo.edu
Sekhar Chivukula (MSU), sekhar@pa.msu.edu
Lynne Orr (Rochester), orr@pas.rochester.edu

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