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Data Analysis Assistance

Introduction to Statistics (pdf)

  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Gaussian probability distributions
  • Unvertainties in counting experiments
  • Examples

Introduction to Muon Data Analysis (html)

  • Transferring data files from Linux and importing them into Excel
  • How to make a chart and add error bars
  • Examples of different chart options (X-Y scatter, radial, surface, and column graphs)

How to make a histogram (html)

How to get Stanford muon data into Excel (doc)

Detailed instructions on importing files into Excel, making charts and making histograms (pdf)


Excel Data Analysis Tutorials – thanks to Joe Willie and the Mendon Muon Data

Download Mendon Muon Data ( html)

Instructions for Excel Analysis of Cosmic Ray Muon, Barometric Pressure, and Estimated Planetary K Index Data (html)

Stage I Data Analysis - making graphs with error bars (html)

Stage II Data Analysis - adjusting data for pressure variations and finding best fit lines (html)

Stage III Data Analysis - sorting and graphing pressure corrected data vs. K index (html)

Stage IV Data Analysis - sorting and graphing pressure corrected data vs. time of day (html)

c2 Analysis of Daily Cosmic Ray Muon Cycle (html)

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