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Classroom Outreach

Muon Detectors

Muon Detectors in the classroom

Muon detectors are available for use in the classroom to study cosmic rays. Students are encouraged to design and execute original research projects. Learn more about the detectors used by the students during the year and the many kinds of experiments the students can do with them.

Various other resources are available:

  • Teachers can borrow sheets of lead, devices that records temperature, or GPS add-on from PARTICLE to use in their experiments.
  • USB flash drives are handed out to make it easier for students and teachers to transfer their data files.
  • PARTICLE has several demonstration boards explaining how the detectors work. These boards include a piece of scintillator and an old PMT so the students can see what the detectors look like underneath their light tight wrappings.

If a class comes up with an idea for a big project, PARTICLE is willing to help them acquire the items or equipment they need.

Physicists in the classroom: PARTICLE Fellow

The PARTICLE Fellow is a physics graduate student at the University of Rochester who provides participating teachers with support throughout the school year. In the past, the PARTICLE Fellow has visited classrooms:

  • To give a lecture to students on the standard model or other modern physics topic.
  • To provide technical support and/or assistance when students perform experiments. Some information and support is provided here: detector function, data acquisition, and data analysis.
  • To show students one of several modern physics demonstrations:

If you have any questions, want to schedule a classroom visit, or have an idea you want to discuss, please contact the PARTICLE Fellow: particle @

Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester, PO Box 270171, Rochester, NY 14627-0170, (585)-275-5306