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Lectures for Teachers
Lectures for High School Students

Lectures for Teachers

    These lectures were given to teachers at past PARTICLE summer institutes.

  • Purpose of PARTICLE (pdf) – Kevin McFarland
  • Cosmic Rays (pdf) – Kevin McFarland
  • Standard Model (pdf) – Jesse Chvojka (2003)
  • Standard Model (pdf) – Julie Langenbrunner (2004)
  • Standard Model (pdf) – Aimee Slaughter (2005)
  • Neutrinos – (pdf) Kevin McFarland
  • Accelerators and Detectors (pdf) – Tom Ferbel
  • Relativity (pdf) – Steve Manly

Lectures for High School Students

    These lectures were given to students as part of PARTICLE's classroom outreach component.

  • Debbie Harris, PARTICLE Day 2005
    • Neutrinos (pdf)
  • Julie Langenbrunner, PARTICLE Fellow, 2004-2005
    • Standard Model (pdf)
    • Neutrinos (pdf)
  • Jesse Chvojka, PARTICLE Fellow, 2003-2004
  • Adam Harrington, PARTICLE Fellow, 2002-2003
    • Standard Model (pdf)
    • Accelerators (pdf)
  • Kevin McFarland, PARTICLE Program Director
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester, PO Box 270171, Rochester, NY 14627-0170, (585)-275-5306