Monday, May 17, 2004

The University of Rochester

the May Room in Wilson Commons



Buses drop off groups at the Rush Rhees Library


9:00 am Teachers/students arrive, pickup folders, have a snack, set up posters


9:15     Dr. Sam Zeller, Columbia University, speaks on "Neutrino Physics"


10:00   2 students from Naples give presentations                  

students from Byron Bergen give one presentation    

Pittsford Mendon:  The Halloween Solar Flare Forbush Decrease

Pittsford Mendon:  Muon Rate and Solar/Geomagnetic Activity

Pittsford Mendon:  Muon Rate Daily Cycle


10:45   poster session


11:15   lunch break – drinks and snacks only provided


11:45   leave for the LLE in same transport that used to get to campus from the Rush Rhees Library;

buses should return to LLE for final pickup and return to school


12:05   Tour guide speaks on "The Laboratory for Laser Energetics" in the Coliseum


12:40   Those viewing the Omega laser remain seated while the other groups leave for their tours

            name of teacher and estimated number in group follows name of school

            Franklin Academy                               View the Omega

            Pittsford Mendon                                 View the Omega

            Greece Athena                                    Center for Optical Manufacturing

Byron-Bergen                                    Center for Optical Manufacturing

Naples                                                 Visit Prof. N. Bigelow's research lab

Nazareth                                              Visit Dr. M. Shoup’s laser amplifier research lab



1:10     Groups are returned to the Coliseum

Franklin Academy                               Visit Prof. N. Bigelow's research lab and depart by 1:30

            Pittsford Mendon                                 Visit Dr. M. Shoup’s laser amplifier research lab and depart

Byron-Bergen                                     View the Omega and depart

Greece Athena                                    View the Omega and depart

Naples                                                 Center for Optical Manufacturing

            Nazareth                                              Center for Optical Manufacturing


1:30     Nazareth and Naples                           View the Omega and depart