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Summer Institute
Poster Templates

Student PARTICLE Day Presentations

Learn about PARTICLE Day.

  • 2006 Presentations & Posters
  • 2005 Presentations & Posters
  • 2004 Presentations & Posters
    • Muon Rate Angular Dependence (html)(pdf)
    • Coincidence Runs (html)(pdf) Daryl Burke II and Mark Zschoche
    • The Effect of Paddle Area on Muon Coincidence (html)(pdf)
    • Correlation between Time of Day and Muon Rate (html)(pdf)
    • Speed of Muons (html)(pdf) Naples High School - Chris Eleiott, Marcy McNamara, Joe Miller, Ray Peiffer, and Matt Santangelo
    • The Haunting of the Halloween Forbush Decrease of 2003 (Muon Rate Dependence on Solar Flare) (html)(pdf) Pittsford Mendon High School
    • Muon Rate vs. Time of Day (Adelaide vs. Mendon) (html)(pdf) Pittsford Mendon High School
    • Shielding Muons (html)
    • Muon Contour (html)(pdf)
    • Mendon Muon Research 2003-2004 (pdf) Pittsford Mendon High School
    • Cosmic Rays in Flight (pdf) Byron Bergen High School
  • 2003 Presentations & Posters
    • Atmospheric Pressure and Muon Rate (html)(pdf) Pittsford Mendon High School - 9th period Honors Physics class
    • Muon Rate vs. Time of Day (html)(pdf) Pittsford Mendon High School - 7th period Honors Physics class
    • Paddle Separation (html)(pdf) Franklin High School
    • Muon Triangle Experiment (html)(pdf)
    • Count Rate vs. Lead Thickness (html)(pdf)
    • Showering Franklin High School (html) Vassana Praseutsinh, Maggie Cruz, and Rafiquikka Collins
    • Map of the Sky (html) Inna Nepliy, Amanda Kimbrew, Grissel Rivera, and Alina Beley
  • 2002 Presentations & Posters
    • Pittsford-Sutherland Lifetime of the Muon (pdf)
    • Muon Rate and Direction/Shielding and Location (html)(pdf)
    • Muon Lifetime (html)(pdf)
  • 2001 Presentations & Posters
    • Angular Dependence (html) Naples High School
    • Altitude Dependence (html) Naples High School
    • Relative Absorption of Lead and Water (html) Greece High School
    • Swimming Pool Absorption (html) Greece High School
    • Analysis of Experimental Set Up in Muon Signal Processing (html)(pdf)
    • Effect of Lead and Concrete on Muon Rate (html)(pdf) Greece Acadia High School - Lisa Turnia

Student/Teacher Summer Institute Presentations

Learn about the Summer Institute and Research Experience for High School Students.

  • 2005 Presentations & Posters
    • Development of an Aqueous Scintillator to Detect Gamma Rays from Radioactive Cesium-137 and Cobalt-60, (Poster)
    • Muon Ray Wave Fronts and Showers, (Poster)
    • Muons in Atmospheric Air Showers (Presentation)
    • An Investigation into the MOLAR Detector with respect to Efficiency and the Effects of Pressure and Solar Influences on Muon Rate, (Poster)
    • Characteristics of Muons in Atmospheric Showers, (Presentation)
    • NuTev Scintillator Restoration Overview 2005, (Poster)
    • Photomultiplier Tube Gain Testing, (Poster)
  • 2004 Presentations & Posters
    • Instrumental Set-up for Liquid Scintillation Counting – The BETTY DAQ (Poster)
    • Developing an Acqueous Scintillator for Neutrino Detection (Poster)
    • Photomultiplier Tube Gain Testing (Poster)
    • Frame Building and Mounting Photomultiplier Tubes (Poster)
    • NuTeV Scintillator Restoration Overview (Poster)
    • Effect of Atmospheric Conditions, Space Weather, and Time of Day in Cosmic Muon Rates (Poster)

Teacher Presentations

  • Mechanics with Muons: Tinkering with Paddles and Pedagogy, Greg Baker (Presentation)
  • Speed of Muons, Mike Carges and Carol Hoffman (Presentation)

Poster Templates

We can print your Powerpoint posters for PARTICLE Day at U of R!

  • Just prepare your poster from these templates
  • Then send us your completed posters no later than the Tuesday before PARTICLE Day
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester, PO Box 270171, Rochester, NY 14627-0170, (585)-275-5306