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Summer Institute

Goals of Summer Institute
Research Experience for High School Students

Goals of PARTICLE Summer Institute

Welcome to the University of Rochester's Particle summer institute. We have put a lot of thought and work into this program to make it suit the needs of New York teachers, and we hope you will have a productive and enjoyable experience this summer! We particularly hope that you will see classroom applications in the activities you complete.

The three-week PARTICLE program will increase your knowledge of elementary particle physics ("the Standard Model"), particle accelerators and detectors, laboratory techniques for observing cosmic rays, and data analysis. Traditional workshop activities include lectures and question/answer sessions with University of Rochester physics faculty, as well as a tour of Cornell's CESR accelerator. In addition, we will have a week of overlap with past participants in the program, so you can develop connections with these teachers and learn about their work within the program.

For the laboratory component of the institute, you will build, calibrate, and experiment with muon telescopes that are destined for use in your classrooms. Time is also provided to develop laboratory exercises for student use. The ultimate goal of this program is for students to use the telescopes as a tool for original research using cosmic ray muons during the school year. All teachers and their students involved in research will be invited to participate in a special research symposium, "PARTICLE Day", at the University of Rochester in late spring.

Sample Schedules

Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester, PO Box 270171, Rochester, NY 14627-0170, (585)-275-5306