9/18/03 – 2/4/04 Mendon Muon Run

Stage IV Data Analysis


1.       Copy all of the pressure-corrected 9/18/03-2/4/04 data (from the previous activity) from the first sheet to the third sheet of the excel file, and then sort the data according to hour of day (column I).  To do this, highlight all of the data, then click on the data tab at the top of the screen, then click sort.  Sort the data according to hour of day, or column J.  The data should now appear with all of the hr of day = 1 data on top, then followed by the hr of day = 2 data, etc.


3.       Create a small table near the top of the page in columns L and M.  Label column L hour of day, then create a column of 1-24 below it.  In column M Click on data cell M4 just to the right of the hour of day = 1 cell.  Click the edit formula tab (=), and click the formula options button that looks like an upside down triangle (to the left of the X tab).  Click the average function.  Click the small icon on the right of the Number 1 display, then proceed to highlight all of the pcor rate data in column I that corresponds to hr of day = 1.  When you finish highlighting all of the data that you need, click the small icon on the right side of the narrow display, then click OK.  An average rate should appear in cell M4.


4.       Repeat the procedure for hour f day = 2 – 24.


5.       When you are done, use the small table that you have made to graph Average pressure corrected muon rate vs. Hour of day. Refer to the attached instructions for help.  Don’t forget to label your axes.