Cloud Chamber Videos


Alpha particles from a thorium source.

These movies are from the website for Supersaturated Environments. Watch for the white streaks. This is the alcohol condensing when a charged particle passes through the cloud. Some are hard to see, so look closely.


You will need Windows Media Player or QuickTime to view the movies.


Alphas emitted by 2% natural Thorium alloy
Download Alpha.avi (4 second runtime, 3.1 MB)


Gamma rays from Cesium-137 yield Compton scattered electrons
Download Compton.avi (5 second runtime, 2.6 MB)


Corona Discharge
Download Corona.avi (5 second runtime, 2.3 MB)


Background radiation at ground level in Madison, WI
Download CosmicRayShower.avi (10 second runtime, 6.2 MB)
Download BackgroundRadiation.avi (10 second runtime, 5.3 MB)


X-rays from Iron-55 produce photoelectrons in air

Look closely and watch for the purple arrow.
Download Photoelectrons.avi (5 second runtime, 1.7 MB)


Univerisity of Rochester Cloud Chamber Video

Download CloudChamber.mpg (7.7 MB file)