A few basic operations with your PARTICLE Computer





1.    Turning it on

A.     Make sure the serial port is connected to the board.

B.    Press the power button on the left side.  Shortly following turning the computer on, a login prompt will appear.

C.    The login name and password are “particle”.



2.    Turning it off

A.     Choose “q” (quit) from the menu.

B.    Left click on the footprint in the toolbar in the lower left portion of the screen.

C.    Choose Log out.

D.    When the redhat login screen reappears, left click on System in the upper toolbar.

E.     Choose Halt.  Select ‘yes’ when asked if you are sure you want to halt the machine.

F.     Once the machine has shut down, you are safe to unplug the machine and put it away.  DO NOT just turn off the computer while it is running.  This can seriously damage the disk.







1.  You should have a prompt that looks like [particle@PARTICLE#~]$


2.  If you do not have a black terminal window open with the prompt shown above, left click on the icon on the bottom toolbar that looks like a computer screen with a footprint.


3.  Once you have this prompt, type     ./startDaq  (this is case sensitive)


4.  The Main Menu should appear.