Physics 122: introduction to electricity and magnetism
University of Rochester, fall semester 2012

Photograph by Adam Block (KPNO)

Features of current interest  (archive)

How the class fared: statistics of the total scores and final grades, and discussions of interesting trends involving homework scores and the extra-credit problems on the Final Exam. (12-26-2012)
Click on the confused student at left to find the Practice Final. (12-15-2012)
Several kinds of magnetic desk toys have been discontinued, for fear that the parts can be swallowed individually, and then magnetically assemble into dangerously large structures. (11-02-2012)
Extra help in PHY 122 is always available from the UR chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS). Check out their regular hours in the POA Library: 7-9PM M-Th, 2-4PM F.

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