Distance Formula


I'm just importing some selected objects from the math module. I won't use them all, as I am do doing this for demonstration purposes. In this case I am importing the functions sqrt, gamma, floor, and the float object pi.

In [8]:
#import math
from math import sqrt, gamma, floor, pi

Make a point!

I'm using simultaneous assignment to create two x,y coordinate pairs. The comments below x_1 and y_1 show what it would look like if I didn't use simultaneous assignment.

In [9]:
# Point x_1, y_1
x_1, y_1 = 100, 23
#x_1 = 100
#y_1 = 23

# Point x_2, y_2
x_2, y_2 = 45, 60

Distance Calculation

Now, we calculate the distance between two points, as defined above. We store the calculated result in dist. Notice we are calling sqrt, not math.sqrt. If I had imported math using import math, then the latter form would be needed.

In [10]:
#dist = math.sqrt((x_2 - x_1)**2 + (y_2 - y_1)**2)
dist = sqrt((x_2 - x_1)**2 + (y_2 - y_1)**2)
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