Milestone IV: OOD and other Ideas

This milestone is extra credit and optional!

At this point your trading program is complete, and it runs successfully!

I will give up to 20 additional points of extra credit features implemented in your code. Some ideas include:

  • Object-Oriented Design (+15 points): The project Milestones I-III do not ask for any classes and object-oriented design. Can you rewrite your code to use object-oriented design princples? Created sensible classes that work together and make your code look nice and organized.
  • Modules (+5 points): Write your own Python module called Then import this new module in to your code. What code should you move into This extra credit makes even more sense with object-oriented design.
  • Statistics (+5 points): Compare and contrast the results of your two algorithms with some thoughtful output. Which one performs better? Quantitatively describe why.
  • Suggest your own! I will entertain interesting extra credit ideas and provide you with an estimate of the amount of extra credit you can receive for it. I reserve the right of refusal, however.

Note: You are allowed to earn a maximum of 20 points in extra credit, so choose wisely from the choices above.

Milestone Submission Requirements

  • All extra credit components need to be clearly documented, commented and well-concieved to receive full points.