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PHY 142: Electricity & Magnetism (Honors)
Prof. S. Teitel stte@pas.rochester.edu ---- Fall 2009

Problem Set 9

Due Friday, November 20 by 2 pm in PHY 142 homework locker
  • Problem 1 [10 points]

    Purcell problem 6.18 -- Hint: use the potential drop given to determine the charge on the cylindrical surfaces. From this charge you can figure out the surface current when a cylinder is rotating.

  • Problem 2 [10 points]

    Purcell problem 7.4 -- The resistance of the loop should be large enough that the current is small enough that the emf due to the self inductance of the loop can be ignored.

  • Problem 3 [10 points]

    Purcell problem 7.17

  • Problem 4 [10 points]

    Purcell problem 7.21

  • Problem 5 [10 points]

    Purcell problem 7.22 -- The ring here is not a conductor, but rather a ring with a fixed charge per unit length around the circumference.