Physics 235: Classical Mechanics
Prof. S. Teitel ----- Fall 2001

Course Information

Instructors:See   Contact Information
Lectures:Tues. Thurs. 9:40 - 10:55 in B&L 270
Recitations:Tues. 3:25 - 4:40 in Hylan 305
Prerequisites:Physics 121 or 141 and Math 164 and 165 (or 163)
Corequisite:Math 281
Textbook:Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems, 4th Edition, by Marion and Thornton

Also on reserve in the POA Library:
Classical Mechanics, 2nd Edition, by Goldstein (a classic advanced text)

Midterm:Tuesday, October 30, in recitation
Final:Wednesday, December 19, 4 pm

You will be allowed to bring one "cheat sheet" to the examinations, consisting of an ordinary 8.5"x11" lined sheet of paper with one line of writing per line of the page. For the Midterm Exam, you may write on only one side of the cheat sheet; for the Final Exam, you may write on both sides.

Homework:Weekly sets, due Friday, 1pm, in the homework locker for the course near room B&L 166, unless otherwise specified. Problem sets will typically be posted one week in advance.

Homework must be handed in on time in lecture. Late homework will be penalized at the discretion of the instructors. You are encouraged to discuss homework problems with your classmates, but you must write up your solutions on your own. All homework must be passed in, in order for you to receive a grade in the course.

Homework:40% (lowest HW grade will be dropped from average)
Midterm Exam:25%
Final Exam:35%

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